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White Oak Residential Projects


Oak Manor Villas creates a unique residential community consisting of a quadplex unit with first-class amenities. They offer individuals and families high-quality, spacious living without the burdens of home ownership or the confinement of apartments.

ANF is designing 84 residential units in Hobbs New Mexico for White Oak Development. These units will be compact, energy efficient, and interlocking into 20 four-plexes. Arranged into a residential campus with a clubhouse, pool and other amenities, one half of the units will have internal garages and all units will have private porches/ entries and vaulted ceilings. The project cost will be approximately $10M. 

We have also designed a 72 unit housing development in Big Spring, Texas, and an 80 unit housing development in San Angelo, Texas for White Oak Development.

Posted by Eli Cloud at 11:20 AM

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